Brasil 1828 . Tortuguitas . B1667HEP . Buenos Aires . Argentina
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The Productive Process
The excellence in the design of our forgings is complemented by a strict quality control in every step of the production process. It begins with the reception of steel with is controlled, classified, and stored according to the heat codes of the steel mills. Steel later goes to the cutting sector, where with the latest shearing equipment it is cut, achieving close tolerances in weight which satisfy the requirements of modern forging processes.

The parts are manufactured in vertical forging up to 3000 tons and horizontal upsetters from 2 to 8 inches of capacity, which are complemented with ancilliary equipment such as trimming and coining presses, forging rolls, etc. The forging lines are equipped with total or bar end induction heating equipment with automatic temperature control of the forgings during the process.

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