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Quality Control
BECCIU, has always though of quality as the only means to back the entire manufacturing process of its products. The best way of achieving our goal, is producing quality from the beginning.

An autonomous department which performs the functions of quality assurance, reception and final control and auditory, supervicing the performance of all the productive sectors, contributes to the continuos improvement of all its processes. In order to accomplish this it is adequately equipped and has well the trained people who begin with the production planning of the required component, investigating each step applying F.M.E.A., as well as process capability analysis for critical parts and S.P.C. according to previously established inspection plans.

 Quality Policy
Our management in its continuous pledge of providing our customers with products that satisfy their requirements establishes the present quality policy:

Quality is present in all our processes and represents what we are

We assume the responsibility of our human resources development, in pursue of the improvement of the efficiency of our quality assurance management

All members of our company are compromised in the continuous improvement of our processes in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers´ expectations.

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